Our experienced design engineering team is capable in satisfying customer requirements in designing any kind of hoisting lifting groups, machinery and other components of required cranes.

     We provide the best features like wide range of vision to the operator in ergonomic sound and heat proof cabins to keep the operation safe.

     Our design engineers are using latest reliable software for providing most efficient structural design to remove oscillations, reducing weight of the crane in order to minimize cost of construction and to accelarate the completion time of design.

     All our projects are tested and analyzed at the final stage of the project by our engineers and getting re-approval from well-known leading third party engineering companies based on structural and fatigue, static, buckling and vibration analysis.

     IEC manufacture cranes by using international standards.

     BS EN 13852-2; 2004 offshore (Floating Crane); Fem 1.003 3rd 1998; BUREAU VERITAS (Rule Note NR 526 DT R01 E).